Class Description

There are many ways you can enjoy Biodanza through weekly Sessions or Workshops.

Weekly Initiation or Orientation Course

Most people start their Biodanza journey here. Doing an Initiation Course might encourage one to get in touch with feelings of joy and vitality, and start to get clearer about what is good for you and feel more free to express yourself.  The Initiation Course is an introduction to Biodanza,  for people who have little or no experience. It lays down some important foundations for the process and typically lasts around a year. 

Weekly Deepening Course

Many go on to the Deepening Course where you continue to dissolve old patterns and birth new aspects of yourself. In Deepening groups, the aim is to increase the intensity of vivencia and expression of participants’ potential in the 5 lines:

Vitality – having a strong life force and motivation to live.

Sensuality – experiencing the freedom to find pleasure in living.

Creativity – able to be responsive to challenge and to live life as a work of art.

Affectivity – living our relationships in connection to our feeling world.

Transcendence – experiencing ourselves as deeply connected to life.

The Deepening Course is open to people that have completed an initiation course. 


Workshops are one-off events, often on a particular theme or intention. Workshops are generally open to those with some Biodanza experience, but some may be suitable for beginners.