Training to be a Facilitator

Biodanza School of Australia

The Biodanza School offers a program of personal development and facilitator training, through a series of experiential workshops combined with deep learning about the system. 

Some people join to dive deeply into the Biodanza method and accelerate their personal development and potential for healthy, vital and pleasurable living. For others, the experience fulfills their calling to share Biodanza with others and 

The program takes 3-3.5 years and a cycle commences every few years in Australia. The School is taught through weekend workshops, online learning and a period of facilitator supervision.

Participants need Biodanza experience (50+ hours of regular sessions and workshops). Find out more about participating in the next cycle of the Biodanza School.

"My experience within the Biodanza School of Australia was one of the most inspiring and uplifting forms of education I have ever experienced. The course fostered a sense of love and support for my personal journey, whilst teaching me the core elements of the Biodanza system. . . As an osteopath, I value research based approaches and well presented course material, and I found both within the Biodanza School of Australia. I look forward to being a part of the next school!"
Melissa – Osteopath