Northern Rivers - NSW

Biodanza Pioneer in Australia and multi-therapist, Catherine loves accompanying people in blossoming their true being.

Catherine gratefully discovered Biodanza in 2000.  Amazed by its potency to open her heart and to blossom her life, she decided to share this delight with others.  Catherine was trained by a bunch of talented South American teachers, including 18 intensive workshops with Biodanza founder Rolando Toro Araneda.

She has facilitated classes and workshops of Biodanza since 2003 in Europe.  In 2007 she initiated the Biodanza movement in Australia, running three weekly classes and numerous workshops around the country, including four years of monthly workshops in Brisbane. 

She founded the Biodanza School of Australia in 2011 and passionately accompanied the student-facilitators during the first two courses of this 3-year training.

She loves deepening workshops and is also qualified in Biodanza specialisations amongst which are Aqua-Biodanza, Biodanza for children, working in team building & organisations, Biodanza with Voice and Bio-Integrative Massage.

For 30 years she has accompanied people with various other therapeutic tools including Clinical Hypnotherapy, Voice Dialogue, Energetic Treatments, Meditation and Cranio-Sacral therapy.

Amongst all the above, she has done a diploma in Business Management, established a Permaculture farm and warmly supported her two children on their life journey. 




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