Canberra - ACT

Movement and dancing, especially Biodanza, has been an integral part of Claudio’s development as a person. It has been the supporting system behind every big decision he has taken in his life since the early 90s. He has been involved with Biodanza since 1993 and has a significant depth of experience with the system. He is also an accomplished dancer and respected trainer of Brazilian dance teachers in Australia. Biodanza classes, workshops and congresses put him in contact with extraordinary, courageous people who remind him of what is to be human and joyful in life. When he sees a person move, he sees the whole beauty and complexity of the human spirit in action – not just in words or titles.

Claudio was born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil during the dictatorship of the 60s & 70s. During those years while a lot of freedoms were curbed, there was an enormous amount of culture being promoted, particularly music and dance, which shaped his moral education and values. In the early 90s after graduating as a Production Engineer and in his mid 20’s, he quickly rose to a managerial position in IT. Soon he realised that he had plenty of technical skills and creativity but lacked social skills to manage others and started looking for ways to understand the hidden language of emotions. Unsurprisingly this took him into dancing. He continued into a successful IT career completing an MBA in IT management, moving to Australia in 2002 .

In Sydney he opened a dance school and pioneered a Brazilian social dance style in Sydney called Zouk. Through that school he trained over 2,500 students and 25 teachers, many of whom still teach up to this day.

He believes we humans are wonderful evolutionary creatures which, given proper conditions, are all able to live a fulfilling collective life with individual agency. In this context, his role is to learn, to share and to grow understanding of himself, the people and the Nature around him.

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