TOOWOOMBA - QLD

Gabriela was born in Argentina, South America. Coming from a culture that embraces dancing, she has danced all her life in one way or another. Since 2003 Australia has been her home and that is where she attended her first Biodanza session in 2013. During that first session she felt immediately at home inside her heart, and she left full of joy and with a desire to live life with a more open heart. She then realised that Biodanza was not ‘just another type of dancing’; there was something profound and hard to explain about its effects, and she knew she wanted to experience more Biodanza and bring it to others one day.

Biodanza continuously expands the range and depth of emotions she feels, keeps her connected to herself, others, and the whole, and supports her to live a more present, authentic life. As a researcher and scientist, she appreciates the science behind the development of the Biodanza system and the vision of its creators.

In 2019 she joined the Biodanza School of Australia to become a facilitator. She completed her formal training in 2022. Gabriela is very passionate about bringing Biodanza to her community and growing Biodanza throughout Australia.

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