Heleen Fourie

NSW - Sydney

Heleen has always loved the power of stories and movement to provide deeper insights.

She has studied and practiced different modalities to discover and explore ways to grow and help others find their own maps to navigate self-care for more than thirty years.

Heleen loves the connection, movement and music that is so integral to the system of Biodanza. A tri-vector that moves people to grow naturally embracing what is healthy.  She has been facilitating Biodanza for the past five years and has practiced it for half a lifetime.

She is also a Yoga teacher and finds that the discipline and gentleness embedded in the poses and movement sequences - as well as the wisdom behind it - form a wonderful mental framework for modern times.

Heleen is currently finishing her studies in Transpersonal Art Therapy, a modality that enables self-awareness and better choices through creative processes.

The three modalities she works with bring the joy of being present in the moment, a framework for thinking and greater self-awareness.

Her approach is to be respectful of each discipline as they stand. She believes that in life these different disciplines work in synergy to support us in our journey.

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Phone: 0404 368 603

Email:  heleen.agni@gmail.com/ heleen@biodanza.com.au

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