Melbourne - VIC

Jean feels most alive when she dances, and she loves creating beautiful spaces for others to explore their movements, courage, vulnerability and dreams. 

Courage and Vulnerability are common themes in Jean’s life and it was in 2013 when Jean first connected with Biodanza and discovered a deeper way to connect with these 2 qualities. It was through life changing experiences in Biodanza, that enabled Jean to create new vital spaces in her life to take 2 self-funded sabbaticals, step into new career opportunities, call in her life partner, start her own life coaching business, and become a Biodanza Facilitator in 2023.

To live life on her terms!

She's so excited to bring Biodanza to Melbourne again, and looks forward to creating a thriving community with fellow Biodanza Facilitators and to support the city to reconnect with their vitality and connection after the recent years of challenges.

As an Asian-Australian Woman, she brings awareness to the challenges that many Asians face when it comes to feeling and their freedom of expression through their bodies, voice and creativity. She gently encourages and guides others to connect with their feelings and bodies in a fun and loving way.

Jean is a Courage & Transformation Coach, Writer, Speaker and Host of Asian Women Rising Circles. As a Biodanza Facilitator, she supports people to embody their courage and vulnerability to create more freedom in their bodies, hearts and minds.

Having led an unconventional career in corporate partnerships in a previous life, and with qualifications in Actuarial Studies and Commerce, Jean integrates her global NFP, corporate, university experiences and life coaching to support her students to explore and move through the challenges that modern society face - the conditionings, structures and expectations.

When she’s not dancing, writing, speaking or coaching, you’ll find Jean cooking, making candles or dreaming of creative ways to live!

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