Kate Clement

Canberra, Online - ACT

Biodanza has taken Kate dancing all over the world and into contact with extraordinary people who share a biocentric ethos of putting life at the centre.

She practices Biodanza because it invites her to keep unfolding into deeper connections within and opening to more love. She shares Biodanza because she believes in the power of the connections it creates. Within people, between people and with the wisdom and power of life. To her this connection is essential if we are to care for life on this planet together. Biodanza is my way to be a part of supporting transformations that enable this.

After growing up in Canberra, studying Banking and Finance and being the national president of international business student association AIESEC, she went to South Africa as a volunteer in 1995.

She lived and worked in South Africa for 16 years and is where she became a Biodanza facilitator, ran groups and workshops and worked with Biodanza in companies, government and social projects. In 2007-08 she completed her didactic training with Biodanza founder Rolando Toro in Brazil and in 2012 my heart called me back to live in Australia with my beloved Claudio.

She returned to Sydney, opened Biodanza groups and was invited to co-direct the second cycle of the Biodanza School of Australia  (2013 – 2016). Kate is now directing the third cycle (2019-2022) of the Biodanza School with a cohort of 25 participants.

She also works as an executive coach and CoResolve facilitator in Canberra.

She loves directing the Biodanza school, facilitating weekly groups and also running workshops in nature, with the 4 elements, on archetypes, love and presence and working with myth and story.

I look forward to dancing with you.

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Email:  kate@biocentrica.com.au

Social Media: Canberra Biodanza FB Group

Website: www.biocentrica.com.au