Sydney, NSW

Nicole found Biodanza in 2015. She arrived with a long-time love of dancing and many years of exploring structured dance styles from modern jive to flamenco, and movement practices like yoga. In her earliest experiences of Biodanza, she discovered a sense of joy, vitality, freedom, expressivity and connection unlike anything before. She soon recognised that the system went far beyond dancing, as it supported her to be ‘more herself’ than ever before.

As a social worker, counsellor and facilitator working in the Australian healthcare system, Nicole also recognised the potential for the Biodanza system to both complement her existing knowledge of healing and therapies, and to go far beyond it by ‘working’ with and within the body, without words or goals. 

When not working (or dancing!), Nicole is a poet and writing coach, jeweller, and seeker of the small pleasures in life.

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