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First time doing Biodanza? 

Biodanza is like nothing you have tried before so no amount of explanation and description about it will give you an accurate idea of what you will experience. Your experience will be unique, just like you are unique. To show the wide array of potential experiences, we asked people who have been doing Biodanza for a while if they could share their first impressions of Biodanza. Read what other people said about their experience!

Many people mentioned connecting with feelings of joy and lightness, and how relaxed and energised they felt afterwards. For example, Joyanne remembered arriving at the studio for the first time to do Biodanza, coming directly from work and having no idea what to expect. She said “How was I to know how trying this free session would change my life? I walked away from that class as light as a cloud and all the stresses of the day forgotten.” 

Virginia mentioned she found many surprises during her first Biodanza session. “We started with a circle, soon I realised I could dance and express myself freely without learning any dance steps or judgement. It brought up my childlike, playful, and creative energy. I went home fully charged. The next morning, I woke up feeling more alive than ever.” 

Jennifer recalled feeling very happy and connected with her inner child during her first Biodanza session. “There was a moment I felt the loving and caring energy of my mom in the room even though she was not there. I also remember I slept like a baby on that night!”

Biodanza encourages us to allow ourselves to experience the world like a curious child, and to expand our comfort zones. Biodanza can feel a bit weird, silly, or challenging first up. Thomas shared how he felt that Biodanza was a bit strange compared to other dancing he had done but he enjoyed the social side of the group and thought “This is fun, I’ll come back and do this again.” Luke, although comfortable dancing individually, initially felt challenged by the dances in pairs. He had thoughts about “What do I do? Am I supposed to be leading?”. Once he let all that settle and kept attending, everything became easier. Several people mentioned that initially they thought Biodanza was childish, however, soon enough they found the depth and meaning of Biodanza in their lives. 

Biodanza attracts people who have done other types of dancing before as well as people who have never danced, and everyone in between, offering a safe place to experience ourselves and to be in contact with our emotions. Jean arrived at her first Biodanza experience thinking it was another Latin dance class! “What was most surprising was how deeply I felt into my grief that was so alive for me at that time of my life. I was held by the facilitators and I felt incredibly safe in their presence. Something about Biodanza kept me coming for more.” Gabriela wanted to try Biodanza because she knew people doing it overseas and a family member insisted that she would love it. During her first session she found herself crying with joy at finally feeling at home inside her heart. Julia said “I knew Biodanza was for me after my first class. I felt fully expressed and more alive in my body than I had in months!” 

Yet for others, their first Biodanza session was the beginning of a healing path, as Xavier shared. “I saw an Ad for a free trial and it just spoke to me. I had a negative experience around dance. Dance for me was traumatic and I always assumed I couldn’t dance. I loved finding a place where it wasn’t traumatic.”

Biodanza is not about learning specific steps; the facilitator will explain and demonstrate the dances. For some people this puts their minds at peace so they can relax and feel comfortable moving to music and expressing themselves through the movement. For others, it simply is an encouragement to come back and enjoy the experience knowing there is nothing to get right. As Martina mentioned: “What I like about Biodanza is that they give you instructions. I love that… They stop. Here’s an instruction. They show it to you. The group does it. I thought ‘I could do that.’” Jason shared that clarity was important for him. “The demonstrations made it very clear for me to interact or operate in the dance space.”

The Biodanza group is a safe place where we can freely express ourselves, our feelings, and our emotions through music, dance, and interactions with each other. Take that step. Come and experience it for yourself! 

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